Canonball Run Cancelled – No problem!

New Englanders take to the four corners of Maine instead

Having just got back to Maine after being ‘trapped’ in Northern Ireland’ during lockdown, I just missed this organised ride through the four corners of Maine. Lucky I can visually experience this through the photos and journal of Mary Klement from the North Star Scooter Club in Portland, Maine…

Cannonball un-Run / 4 Corners of Maine trek
Words and photos by Mary Klement

A crew of nine scooterists signed up for an epic trip across country on the Scooter Cannonball Run. Unfortunately, as with so many things this year, the journey was COVID-cancelled. Having already psyched ourselves up for a long trip, and knowing that many of us had spent some good $ decking out our rides, alternate plans were made. On Monday, July 6, we met in Kittery instead of Bar Harbor and set off to the 4 corners of Maine. 

See map of route – (Kittery Trading Post – Lynchville – Grafton Notch – Rangeley – Moosehead – Millinocket – Allagash – Ft. Kent – Lubec – Bar Harbor – Portland)

Day 1: Kittery Trading Port – Coos Canyon

It started gray but ended GREAT. Some postcard worthy stops along the way made for a pleasant ~200 miles at the end.

Kittery Scooter ride Maine meet up

Lynchville, ME where Route 5 joins Route 35 in the Western Mountains

Next stop, Point 2 at Grafton Notch

Grafton Notch
Grafton Notch, Maine 4 Corners of Maine Scooter Ride
Grafton Notch
Author Mary arrives at Grafton Notch, Maine

A quick side-trip to Screw Auger Falls

Auger Falls
Auger Falls, Maine

To Coos Canyon area

Coos Canyon, Maine
Coos Canyon, Maine

Height of the Land – Stunning!

Day 2 – Quill Hill

Day 2 brought us to the top of Quill Hill with a 360 degree view. Here’s looking toward Rt 16 ~110 miles

Quill Hill, Maine
Royal Alloy Scooter at Quill Hill, Maine

Small Falls

Mt. Kineo, Moosehead Lake

Another gorgeous view to end the night overlooking Moosehead Lake

Greg K’s ride atop Quill Hill

The crew

North Star Scooter Club

Day 3 is wet and wild – Greenville – Millinocket

Set off from Greenville toward Millinocket trying to beat the rain. Many bumpy roads and some logging trucks along the way. Lost the front tag off the Royal Alloy scooter at some point and the front rack popped off from all the jarring action. Thankful to have Darrell, owner of a local scooter shop, and his expertise. Also, a no-tell-motel next to a hardware store for night three. 

Total mileage thus far, ~520 miles.

Day 4 – Fort Kent – Allagash

We started in a nothing town in the middle of nowhere, Maine and ended at the northernmost point of Rt. 1 – US. Along the way – a bee sting, some thunder and lightning, and a doe and her beautiful fawns. No moose, though every other sign warns you about their crossing and collisions. Yikes! It was cheap, but there were tanks and an Army helicopter nearby to play upon. Leaving an old mill town in the middle of Maine

Knowing we wanted to get to good beer and to the Allagash, we truly rode ‘em like we stole ‘em.

Day 5 – Four Corners Park – Lubec- Bar Harbour

Day 5 began at the Four Corners Park, our third “corner” of the trip. Gracious hosts in a sweet town with a population of 70% French Canadian people. Oh, Canada! From there, we rode south on Rt. 1 to Lubec, Maine – the 4th and final corner.

Quintessential – Maine and Royal Alloy

Johanna’s PCX

TRAFFIC JAM in rural Maine. What?

For fun, we spent the last day at a quaint B&B in Southwest Harbor. We took a jaunt up Cadillac Mountain in the fog and rain.

Thankfully, we followed Greg’s advice and scooted back up after dinner. Here’s the new view:

The crew on this scooter adventure:

Darrell C. – Kennebunk, Maine Vespa 250 GTS

Darrell – Vespa 250 GTS
Darrell founded Cumberland County Scooters and Cycles (now CC Scooters) and the Cumberland County Scooter Club in 2012 with his late wife, Carrie. For this trip “I rode a 2007 Vespa 250 GTS. I’ve been riding Scooters, motorcycles, and dirt bikes for 40+ years. Fantastic time on this epic adventure. I own a local scooter shop in southern Maine. I really enjoy all scooters. My true passion for scooters are with the vintage Lambrettas.”

Kellie C. – 2009 pink Vespa LX150.

“I love it! I live in Kennebunk, but am originally from Lyman, Maine. I drove a 98 Harley Davidson Sportster, but it wasn’t a good fit for me.”

Lynn – Vespa GTS 300 Notte.

Lisa Knight, Kennebunk, Maine – 2009 Vespa S150

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Lisa has been riding for 25+ years. She has been with the club scooting for 5+ years. She loves to scoot around the beaches and to take in the fresh smells of the ocean and flowers.

Mark “Merlot” Knight, Kennebunk, Maine – 2005 Vespa Granturismo 200

Mark has been cruising on 2 wheels for 30+ years, scooting with us for 3 years. He rides a Gray 2005 Vespa Granturismo 200. He has a big Harley, but got this so he could scoot around town with his wife and family.

Jillian and Greg K., S. Portland, Maine Army Veterans and scooterists)
2006 Vespa GT 200 and a 2019 Piaggio Liberty S 150

Mary K., Westbrook, MaineRoyal Ally GT 150cc

I started scooting in 2004 on a 125cc Yamaha Vino. There was a brief mis-adventure on a Honda Rebel 250 and I stopped riding for a minute. When my friends moved to China, they left their 250cc Vespa GTS behind and I was smitten again. Upon the Vespa’s demise (she completed two Scooter Cannonballs and many other adventures), I’ve purchased a 150cc Royal Alloy GT. She rode fast and well! I hope this was enough practice for the Cannonball to commence in July of 2021.”

Johanna O, Maine- Super peppy 2019 Honda PCX 150

Stylist and stylin’ scooterist. “I have always been involved in Motorsports – snowmobiles, four wheelers and dirt bikes…love adventures! I really got into scooters in the summer of 2019 when my best friend invited me to join them on a Vespa parade through southern Maine riding her 50CC Wolf scooter. Although it topped out at 29MPH, I was hooked. We had the best ride through the rain, being last in the parade, and pulling into Bentley’s Saloon (a motorcycle bar) on the scooters-it was a blast! A few days later, Jillian told me about this epic cross country trip-The Scooter Cannonball Run in the summer of 2020 from Maine to California…I was SOLD! I signed up for a motorcycle class to get my license and bought my PCX the day after I completed the class. I have learned that riding my scoot isn’t a phase, it has become a part of my life that I enjoy everyday I can. The Four Corners of Maine was an EPIC experience that I will always cherish, the scenery, freedom, the new friends…I just loved the ride.

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