Piaggio has a new Wi-Bike

Piaggio has just unveiled new electric-assist pedal bikes.

Wi-Bikes come in two classic styles –  Comfort and Active

  • 250W electric engine – designed and produced by Piaggio in Italy
  • three levels adjustable from the handlebars: Eco, Tour and Power –  reaching a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h
  • compact motor is located in the centre, and the battery is behind the seat tube – Wi-Bike features perfect stability and handling
  • Bluetooth connection to your smartphone
  • Charge your smartphone through a USB port on the display.  The lithium-ion battery has a life of 120 km in Eco-mode
  • Fitted with an integrated GPS/GSM system

The Comfort model offers adjustable handlebars and seat, luggage rack and tyres for asphalt and mixed terrain.

Fitted with hydraulic suspension forks, a cushioned saddle, ergonomic hand-grips and adjustable parts, it provides optimal comfort in all conditions. Minimal design in black or white.

read more at the Piaggio Wi-Bike website


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