Damsels Scooter Club National Rally in Portrush

A Weekend of scooters, music, rain and camaraderie

Last weekend, the coastal town of Portrush became the epicenter of scooter culture as the Damsels in Distress Scooter Club brought their annual scooter rally to the British Scooter Rally Association’s calendar of National Rallies for the first time.

Scooter driving into Ballintoy

Despite the challenging weather, scooter enthusiasts from far and wide converged on this picturesque coastal town to celebrate their shared love for Vespas and Lambrettas and were treated to breathtaking views of the Northern Irish coast,

One of the standout moments of the weekend was the dedication of those that travelled from further afield, with some travelling hundreds of miles through pouring rain to be there. Michael Fitzgerald’s impressive 585-mile journey from Jersey epitomized the commitment and passion for attending scooter rallies and meeting like minded scooterists. Michael went home with the coveted ‘Furthest Travelled’ crystal trophy (made locally at Belfast Crystal)

The rally kicked off with a bang on Friday night with a bang, treating guests to live performances from bands like XSLF and the Jet Black Tulips. The energy was electric as we danced and soaked up the music, setting the stage for an unforgettable weekend.

Saturday saw even more great live music with rockabilly and psychobilly vibes courtesy of The Culprits, followed by the infectious ska beats of Doghouse from Belfast.

The lineup was diverse, catering to a wide range of musical tastes and ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The custom show, a highlight of any scooter rally, did not disappoint. Creativity and craftsmanship were on display, There were tough decisions made as the standard was high, the winners were selected both by the Damsels themselves and by Cindy from the Speed Demons and Dicko. The gallery showcased the stunning variety of designs and modifications that make each scooter as unique as its owner.

We’re thrilled to host this year’s National Scooter Rally in Portrush,” said one of the Damsels in Distress Scooter Club. “With a rich history spanning 36 years of riding Vespas and Lambrettas, our club is honoured to bring together scooterists from across the UK, and beyond, for a weekend of scooters, music, and, of course, laughs.

Of course, no scooter rally would be complete without a View video of the ride-out to Ballintoy, and the journey to Ballintoy was a resounding success. With kickstands up at 12.30, Michelle led the way from Kelly’s GolfLinks Hotel and despite the weather, scooterists were treated to breathtaking views of the Northern Irish coast, with some taking the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks like the Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Distillery along the way.

Meanwhile down on the Portrush peninsula itself, the hospitality of Portrush’s pubs and restaurants was commendable, with locals embracing the festivities and keeping the party spirit alive with live tunes and music. It was a true testament to the warm welcome extended to scooter enthusiasts by the local community. The Damsels in Distress Scooter Club National Rally in Portrush was a roaring success, blending all the elements of a scooter rally with the camaraderie of fellow scooterists and the vibrant energy of live music. As the engines quieten and the scooters roll back home, memories of this unforgettable weekend will linger, fueling the anticipation for another national rally in Portrush.

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