Lockdown on the North Coast of Ireland – scooter ride round the Causeway Coast

While travelling in Europe in February/March from the United States, I found myself stuck in my homeland, Portrush, N.Ireland. The corona virus pandemic had reached new heights and I decided not to risk travel back to the States. So, months later, with restrictions eased, we found ourselves taking advantage of the lack of tourists and doing a couple of ride outs (adhering to the social distancing rules) around our north coast.

Giants Causeway
Royal Alloy scooter with Vespas and Lambrettas

The first evening, I tagged along on a Northern Coasters Scooter Club for a sunset drive to the Giants Causeway and home via Dunseverick. This route took us along the Causeway Coast, meeting up at the Town Hall in Portrush, driving round past the White Rocks, Dunluce Castle, Portballintrae, Bushmills, the Giants Causeway, then back home via Dunseverick.

The next morning, I set my alarm for 3.00am as we wanted to head to the Giant’s Causeway for sunrise. I met up with Ian and Jillian about 4pm and set off in the dark around the coast.

Portrush, White Rocks looking toward the Giants Causeway at sunrise

We headed straight to the Giant’s Causeway as we wanted time to get in position to take pics of the sunrise. The only drama we had on the way was avoiding (fortunately) large boulders that had fallen down the cliff onto the road at Dunluce Castle. Once at the Causeway, we got set up – it was amazing having this special place to ourselves.

Dunluce Castle. Photo: Annella Linton

The sun came up and we realised the sun was obscured by the cliffs at the Causeway – we were in the wrong place at the wrong time but swiftly appreciated that we were, maybe, in the right place at the right time – the light was stunning and it was so peaceful.

On we went round the coast via Dunseverick (again). We stopped off for a quick visit at Dunseverick Harbour, then on to White Park Bay for a quick photo before heading to Ballintoy.

White Park Bay
White Park Bay

Ballintoy is a little harbour on the coast and is also a film location – the Iron Islands in the tv series Game of Thrones so it normally has pretty heavy traffic. What a privilege to have this place all to ourselves.

We had a bit of a photo shoot here before heading back to Portrush via Dunluce Castle. A very memorable morning.

Author & Photos: Annella

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